rat attack

It’s pretty depressing when you add a ‘rodents’ topic to your blog. Cuz really, what is the world coming to when you are writing about rodents more than once?

Tonight, while watching television, a rat ran across our dining room floor. Thank goodness it turned around when it heard us and went back to the basement. There’s no way I could sleep tonight if I knew it was upstairs.

Greg, bless his soul, set some traps in the basement, and hopefully we’ll catch the little bugger. But it means we have to bring the cat litter upstairs AGAIN, so we can close the basement door. It’s a pain.

I think we’ll be going on PCO’s Optimum Residential Program. Either that or we’re moving. I hear there’s a house for sale on Clare Street.


For the past five months, we’ve been dealing with a rat issue in our house. It started with some scampering noises in the attic (which we thought were squirrels on the roof), and then we noticed rat poop by the cat food in the basement.

We got an exterminator in and we’ve so far boarded up two possible access points into the house and removed all pet food from the basement and garage, but it appears there’s been rat activity in the basement as recently as this afternoon. The exterminator was here this morning to reset two traps, and one of the traps was flipped over when I got home this afternoon (but no rat caught).

I’ve lost count of the number of rats we’ve actually caught so far. I think we’re close to ten. So far there hasn’t been any sign of them in the living area of the house, just the garage, attic and basement. But it’s a big pain. Not only because I think they are the most disgusting creatures on the planet, but also because it means we have to have Aphro’s litter box upstairs. It’s much more convenient to have it in the basement, out of the way, but we can’t let her down there while the traps are out.

When I talked to the exterminator this morning, he suggested that we may have to go on their ‘residential plan’, which is basically a yearly plan that has them visiting the house at least four times a year, more if necessary. Apparently it’s pretty common for home owners in Victoria to have to do this, as the rat population is a bit out of control.

The only plus to all this is that because we’re renting, we haven’t had to pay for the exterminator’s services.

Stupid, icky rats.