tidbit 2: Elliot’s reaction to kindergarten

Elliot’s first week of kindergarten was pretty low-key. He had 15 minutes in the classroom with me on Wednesday, an hour with the teacher and four other kids on Thursday, and then all day on Friday. He has been pretty stoked about starting school and the first (very gentle) week didn’t dampen that enthusiasm. Friday’s drop off was pretty chaotic (four kindergarten classes and all the hovering parents lining up outside the front door of the school), and he was a bit tentative, but he didn’t bring it up again and his day seemed fine.

Since this post is about Elliot’s reaction to kindergarten (and not his mother’s), I’d say week two was pretty successful too. Greg did most of the drop-offs and while they were a bit emotional (lots of turning around to say good bye and looking on the verge of tears), he was always fine at the end of the day, and by Friday was singing some of the French songs he’d learned. And the one drop-off I did was fine. I think a bit less emotional because we were a bit late and he basically got in the line and went in two seconds later.

He did say on Thursday morning that he missed me a lot at school. We talked about that for a bit — I said it was normal to miss your parents, and I suggested a couple of things he could do when he felt he missed me, and he really seemed to listen, which was nice.

And there’s been some definite bright spots — one of the girls he got along with quite well at daycare is going to his school (unexpectedly — she moved late in August). They are not in the same class but they’ve played together at recess.

I think each day will get easier for him, and I certainly am proud of his courage.