just a tad embarrassing

I had yoga this morning with Amy, and before I walked down to the rec centre, I took Yoshi for a walk around the block. I dropped him at home, and then went on my way.

As we started the class, we were all commenting that it smelled pretty bad in the room. We were all doing the universal bum sniff on our babies, checking for poop. We figured maybe one of the babies had gas. I did wonder if it was one of the mums not owning up, but whatever. I’d probably do the same thing in their position.

It wasn’t going away, and one of the mums mentioned that the bathroom right behind the room we were in had a really rank diaper in the garbage, and perhaps it was wafting in.

We continued, occasionally commenting about the smell.

Amy started to really fuss so I decided to nurse her. I went over to a couch to sit down, and my stroller was parked right in front of the couch. As I was zoning out I happened to glance in the bottom of the stroller. And saw the white bag. Filled with dog shit. That I had forgotten to throw in the garbage.

I briefly wondered if I could get it out of there with no one knowing, but I decided to own up. My face was red as a beet, but we all got a good laugh.

no introduction required (or, “I feel old”)

Last weekend Greg and I were in the car listening to the radio, and the song ‘Mad World’ came on. This song is currently used in an ad for an XBox game, Gears of War.

When Greg and I first saw the ad we did a bit of research on the song because it seemed very familiar, and because we liked it so much. We found out it was a cover of a Tears for Fears song, and the ad version is sung by Gary Jules.

Anyway, apparently the song is getting a lot of requests on the radio, and after it played, the DJ gave a bit of history, just saying what Greg and I already knew. But when he came to the cover bit, he said, “and it’s a cover of a tune by a band called Tears for Fears”.

A band called Tears for Fears?? Doesn’t everyone who listens to modern radio know that band? How old are these radio listeners, anyway? Sheesh, that’s like saying “a band called U2”.

Yeah, okay, I’m old.