she’s going to leave a big hole

We had our sons five weeks apart. We had our daughters four months apart. We talk on the phone almost every day. We see each other at least twice a week, sometimes more. We helped each other through that first emotional year of being a new mum. We commiserated over how little sleep we got (and we commiserate now over how little sleep we’re getting with our daughters). We have shared so much, and in four days she’s moving to Ontario.

I’m going to miss you, Jen. Very, very much.

she knows me well

One of my Christmas gifts from kaptaink this year was tea. But this is no ordinary tea. Part of my enjoyment of consuming tea is the ritual of making it, and this tea delivers.

First, the packaging. Each bag is individually packaged in a pyramid-shaped box, and the boxes are arranged with the points facing the center. Very esthetically pleasing.


Second, the actual bag. It’s made of silk with a leaf poking out of the top, and it’s the most delicate tea bag I’ve ever seen.

the bag

Third, the steeping. You put the bag in the water, and it sits at the bottom of your cup with the leaf poking out the top.


And, finally, it’s delicious tea. I’ve tried both the Darjeeling and the Black Currant, and both were amazing. I’m sure the English Breakfast and Earl Grey will be just as good.


The only problem with this tea is that I’m going to run out of it before the end of January, at the rate I’m going!