ottawa 2015: slides and beavertails

We are home now (back to the balmy weather), and have been for almost a week, but I wanted to write a final post about our last couple of days in Ottawa.

On Monday we went to the ice slides as planned. These are always a highlight for me. They are built for Winterlude in Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau, and they are essentially person-made toboggan runs made out of ice. You slide down on your snow pants, and it’s a whole lot of fun. They are short and fast, and since they are artificially made, they have nice safe endings so you don’t knock yourself out on a tree. They have luge-type runs, wide runs where you can go down with the whole family, and a tube run. This year we got there early on Family Day and it was the most fun we’ve ever had, partly because the weather was perfect (cold, but not too cold) and there were no lines. I lost count of how many slides I got in but it was well into the double digits. We finished up the morning with beavertails and hot chocolate and were home before lunch.

Tuesday was our departure day but our flight didn’t leave until 7:15 pm, so Greg, the kids and I went for a skate. It was another beautiful day, and we managed to go about 7 km, with a beavertail/hot chocolate break in the middle. I’m not ashamed to use bribery to get my children out there! The kids got a little tired but there wasn’t too much complaining. Again, I was really impressed with Amy’s skating.

We returned to the house and spent the afternoon napping (me), packing up (me and Greg) and playing (Amy and Elliot). We had a smooth trip home, and got into Victoria very late on Tuesday night. Even later if you count the time change. Amy went to school the next day but Elliot was still asleep so I let him be. He was a bit of a grump that day so probably a good idea.

And now we’re back to reality, and work, and school, and all that fun stuff. It was a wonderful trip, and I’m glad we went.