ottawa 2015: snowshoes and yurts

We are going home in two days…time flies. We are certainly getting our winter fix. On Friday afternoon Elliot and I headed out with my sister and her family and my dad to stay overnight in a yurt in Gatineau Park. The rest of the gang were skiing in, but Elliot’s never skied before and I figured a 5-km ski in wasn’t a good place to start. So he and I rented snowshoes and walked in. It was pretty awesome (despite the fact that the last 30 minutes were in pitch black and I’m scared of the dark). Elliot and I were on our own for the most part, in a winter wonderland. It was cold (-15), but no wind, and the scenery was beautiful. Elliot did well. He started to fade about 4 km in and the last kilometre was a bit of a push but he did it.

The yurt was pretty well stocked. Wood stove, a small gas stove, table and chairs and room for six to sleep. It was cold when we first got there but it warmed up pretty quickly. We had a hearty dinner, a couple of games of Uno and then it was off to bed — early for everyone.

We snowshoed/skied out the next morning, in about 5 inches of fresh snow. Again, a winter wonderland. I looked back at one point to see our tracks, and it reminded me of walking with a dog. My tracks went straight and Elliot’s curved all over the place. I think he covered 20% more ground than I did!

Today was REALLY cold (-40 with wind chill). We were going to go tubing but decided against it given the temperature. We instead took the kids to “Sky Zone”, an indoor trampoline park. A really good way to burn off some excess energy! I did manage a skate later in the day. I made sure to start into the wind, and a dressed for the weather. It was hard going for the first half, but I’m glad I got out.

Tomorrow we are heading to the ice slides, and Greg is going out for a ski with the adults later in the day, since he missed out on the yurt. He and Amy hung out together that night and watched Frozen. Very fitting!