ottawa 2015: planes and skates

Let’s see if I remember how to do this blog thing…

We are in Ottawa for our annual trip to visit my sister and get our “winter fix”. We weren’t going to come this year because of my imminent re-entry into the world of work, but the stars aligned and we managed it. And all four of us this time. Last year (and you would know this if I had blogged about it), it was just me and the kids. I was in a bit of a low place, and while we had fun, it wasn’t the same without Greg. (I say this as we are sitting across from each other, each at our computers not talking to each other, him with headphones…but he’s working, and if he has to work a bit in order to come, then I’ll take it.)

We flew out of Victoria yesterday afternoon. I hope I am not jinxing future travel when I say this, but things usually go well for me when I travel, with connections, on-time flights, baggage, etc. Yesterday was no exception. Both flights landed early, our bags came out in record time, there was hardly any turbulence, and above all, we didn’t crash! Again! I’m so grateful! The flight from Calgary to Ottawa was less than half full, and Greg and I each shared a whole row of seats with one child. It was lovely, as flights go.

We didn’t get in until midnight local time, and everyone except me was up early this morning after way too short of a sleep, so we are all a bit bagged. And those of us who have not yet learned to control our feelings when over-tired (naming no names) were a bit grumpy. But we managed. I have an old friend from Bishop’s who came and visited for the day, and she and I went out for a skate with Amy on the canal ( It was a gorgeous day. Then it was out for lunch sans kids, followed by dinner with my dad (who arrived from PR this evening) and a final skate in the dark. I’m really impressed with Amy’s skating. I signed her up for lessons knowing we would be coming here, and she’s had a few chances to skate with friends and out-of-school care. She’s improved a lot, and even tonight skating with no light, she managed really well.

Not sure what’s on the books for tomorrow but hopefully you will hear from me again…I’m off to bed for some much-needed sleep.