number twenty four: the mum update

I figured since I associate the number 24 with my mother (her birthday is September 24th) I’d dedicate post 24 to an update on how she’s doing.

[Side note: If anyone’s keeping track, I started this 52 posts in a year on July 1st. If you do the math, I have 28 posts left to do in 69 days. Pretty sure that’s not going to happen.]

My mum is doing remarkably well. She was told three months of recovery time for the pelvic break, which would take her to the beginning of June, but here we are nearing the end of April and she’s already walking on her own again. No walker, no cane. She moves a bit more slowly than usual, but you wouldn’t know she’d hurt herself, and she says she barely has any pain. The ability for the human body to heal itself is an amazing thing.

I have stopped worrying about her, and perhaps have fallen back into a state of blissful ignorance that our lives will continue along smoothly. There will be another incident of some kind, whether it be a fall or an illness. She is almost 80 after all. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me not thinking about what COULD happen (I worry about enough as it is!). I have no control over what she does, and I wouldn’t want her to stop living life the way she does simply to ease my worrying.

I am very thankful she has moved to Victoria, and it sounds as if she has no regrets either.