number twenty four: the mum update

I figured since I associate the number 24 with my mother (her birthday is September 24th) I’d dedicate post 24 to an update on how she’s doing.

[Side note: If anyone’s keeping track, I started this 52 posts in a year on July 1st. If you do the math, I have 28 posts left to do in 69 days. Pretty sure that’s not going to happen.]

My mum is doing remarkably well. She was told three months of recovery time for the pelvic break, which would take her to the beginning of June, but here we are nearing the end of April and she’s already walking on her own again. No walker, no cane. She moves a bit more slowly than usual, but you wouldn’t know she’d hurt herself, and she says she barely has any pain. The ability for the human body to heal itself is an amazing thing.

I have stopped worrying about her, and perhaps have fallen back into a state of blissful ignorance that our lives will continue along smoothly. There will be another incident of some kind, whether it be a fall or an illness. She is almost 80 after all. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me not thinking about what COULD happen (I worry about enough as it is!). I have no control over what she does, and I wouldn’t want her to stop living life the way she does simply to ease my worrying.

I am very thankful she has moved to Victoria, and it sounds as if she has no regrets either.

number twenty three: only problem was that it was too short

A little bit of sun goes a long way…this past weekend was beautiful here in Victoria. Sunny and close to 20 degrees, although in my front yard it got up to 25 degrees, and I was actually complaining it was too hot. Could have been the black yoga pants I was wearing.

Friday night we had a games night with the kids, something we’ve been trying to do more often. It started a bit rough with Amy screaming and being exiled to her room for a few minutes, but she apparently took a deep breath while she was up there (so she told me) and came down a new girl. The rest of the night went fairly smoothly.

Saturday morning we had swimming, and then the kids and I met friends from school at the bike part near the SPCA. We had a short visit there, and then we headed back to Bamfield Park for a play in the playground. We must have spent close to two hours there, and the four kids got along great while D and I lay on the grass and did nothing but relax and watch them. It is so fun to see a group of kids getting along so well.

Sunday morning the four of them got together again at our place as D and I headed to a free brunch at the Victoria Golf Club (one of the benefits of being part of the school PAC — it was a promotion for a coupon book). Amy was not home for the whole time, but the other three, especially the two boys, played together for over three hours. At one point they (the two boys) had the “Frozen” soundtrack blaring in Elliot’s room and they were both singing along to it.

I managed to get some gardening in on Sunday afternoon, Greg mowed the lawn on Saturday so I didn’t have to do it, and I hung my laundry outside for the first time this year. Then late Sunday afternoon Greg and I sat in the hot front yard and had a drink, watching the cars go by.

And now I’m back to work, which does not make me happy, but I’m going to hold on to the weekend. It was the best one I’ve had in a very long time.

number twenty two: sloth no more!

I kind of fell off the fitness bandwagon over the past few months. Last year I had my half marathon in May and then the Tour de Victoria in September, so the year went well. But after the Tour I did very little. I think I ran for a bit while the weather remained nice, but it didn’t last long.

I always take a bit of a fitness break around the December/January time frame but this year it was far longer than usual. I did buy a commuter bike and I was riding to work for a while (all of 5 km) but then the weather got gross, or I got sick, or my mother broke her pelvis, or something…

And of course I’ve been eating and drinking as much as I usually do so I haven’t exactly felt that great about myself.

So. It’s been on my radar for a while now to get cracking, but once you fall out of the habit it’s really hard to find the time again. I’m not sure how I managed to train for a half marathon last year, it doesn’t seem possible. But with the weather getting better and me feeling more and more pathetic about my lack of movement, I finally kicked my butt into gear. It was a low gear to start with, just one or two runs a week, but I’ve since been riding to work more often, I swam on Saturday morning (and will continue this as the kids have swimming lessons for a few weeks), I went for a run AND hiked up Mt. Doug on Sunday, and I just went for a 25 km bike ride. As I was riding home this evening I felt that I’d turned the corner, the corner where I make exercise a priority again.

I’m back, baby.