number nineteen: greece day 8

This post was written on Friday, October 18th, 2013. This is the last of the posts that I actually wrote in Greece — I didn’t write about our last day in Athens. I’ll see if I can remember enough for a post!
Today was the island of Rhodes. We did another excursion through the ship — “The Acropolis of Lindos”. We got off the ship and boarded a bus which took us along the coast of the island. About half way to the Acropolis we stopped at a ceramics factory and got a demonstration of both the making of the ceramics and the painting. It is a family run
business and the products were beautiful. I bought a small plate. Not sure what I’m going to use it for, but it’ll be a nice reminder of a good day.

After that we went on to the village of Lindos, where the Acropolis is. Yet another beautiful site. Acropolis means
high city in Greek, and the view from this one was 360 panoramic. You could see the coast of Turkey (20 km away), blue oceans, sandy beaches, and much of Rhodes. We walked up to the Acropolis from the town of Lindos, and it was nice to approach it that way instead of directly by bus.

We spent a bit of time in the village of Lindos looking around the shops, but I’m getting a bit shopped out. I did buy another fridge magnet (I already have one from Corfu) because it was the nicest one I’ve seen so far. Whenever I’m traveling I feel like I should by this for that person, and something else for someone else, and I worry that I’m not getting “enough”, but I’ve bought a fair bit on this trip (probably too much) and I’ve got something for the kids, something for Greg, a few things for me, and a couple of things for friends who bring me back things on their travels. So I think I’m doing okay!

When we were done in Lindos we boarded the bus again and went back to the city of Rhodes, where the ship was docked. We had about an hour or so until we were due back on the ship, so we first put our hands in the Mediterranean (first time this trip!) and then walked around Rhodes for a bit. It’s a walled city, and…what is another word for beautiful?! I keep repeating myself. But it was just that — beautiful.

Then it was back to the ship for some R and R in our room. I also watched another cooking show – fish tacos and a mediterranean orzo salad, both of which I’ll be making back home. Yummy!

Tonight is our last night on the ship. We disembark tomorrow morning at around 8 am in Athens, and we’ll be spending the day there. We have an 8 am flight out to Frankfurt the next day (Sunday), and then home via Vancouver. I’m a little sad it’s almost over but I’m very ready to see my family.