number thirteen: greece day three

This post was written on Sunday, October 13th.
Today started with a short workout in the ships gym with Jan. Can’t say it was enjoyable (I really don’t like working out in gyms) but a little exercise never hurts.

On a whim I booked a massage appointment for this morning. When we got on the ship they were giving out free chair massages and while I was getting one they showed me the special of the day — hot rock massage, foot massage and facial for $139. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do a “vacation spa treatment”, so I booked it. Now that I’ve done it I know not to do it again. It was nice, but not $139+built-in-tip nice.

I ate breakfast alone in the dining room because I needed to make the appointment, and I ordered French toast with maple syrup (the menu actually said “maple”. I should know by now that unless I’m in Canada, maple syrup means Aunt Jemima. I was a bit unimpressed.

After the massage we had a burger on the Lido deck and then I went off to a cooking demo. Yes, this is supposed to be a Greek cruise and I haven’t spoken about Greece much, but we are at sea today! The cooking demo was entertaining and I got to sample the creme brûlée. Yummy (much better than last night’s)!

For dinner we ate in the dining room again and I had a good tenderloin. The main courses have in general been great, but the appies and desserts have just been okay. I was disappointed with my tiramisu at dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is our first stop — the island of Corfu, which is in the Ionian Sea, part of the Mediterranean.

Missing the kids tonight.