number ten: greece

What follows is a series of posts I wrote during a recent trip to Greece with my mother and sister. This trip was born in February, when, during an Ottawa visit with my sister, she and I were sitting around the dinner table and she announced that she needed to ask me something. It was obviously (to her) a loaded question, and she was a bit anxious about it. She explained that she’d been thinking about taking Mum on a trip for a long time, and realized she’d better do it sooner rather than later, as Mum’s not getting any younger or any more mobile. Where do I come in? Well, she wanted me to join her…and not only that, she was going to foot a good portion of the bill. No destinations had been set yet, but Greece was thrown out there, as was the idea of a cruise, since it would be easy on my mother.

I immediately said yes. It was a no-brainer for me. My sister was concerned as traveling with family, especially elder family, can be stressful, but I didn’t hesitate. This was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Over the next few months the plan formed and we decided on a 7-day Mediterranean cruise in October, with five Greek ports and one Turkish port.

Read on to hear more about it…