number five: the first week of school for elliot

Elliot’s first week of school went well. Drop-off on the first day was better than expected, and there were no tears. As mentioned in my previous post, he was quiet all morning (although I think having some play time with Amy was a good distraction), and he stuck close to us when we got to the school. Things are a bit chaotic on the first day, because none of us know what teacher our kids have or what door to go to. Last year this was a bit of a shock for me (kindergarten is more straightforward), but this year I was expecting it, so it was at least easier on me!

We figured out what door to go to, and as soon as we got there, Elliot saw some friends and he perked up a bit and starting chatting with them. We found out what teacher he had, and that two of his friends were in the same class as him. As the teacher lined the kids up, I saw that there were only about 10 kids…and realized he must be in a split class. It’s a Grade 2/3 split, which is just fine with me. As they filed into the school Elliot was engaged in conversation with a friend and barely said goodbye to Greg. I followed him in and watched as he found his cubby and sat down in the classroom to listen to his teacher. The teacher instructed the kids to say goodbye to their parents (translation for us parents: it’s time to leave now), Elliot gave me a quick hug and all was good.

The rest of the week’s drop-offs were pretty standard for us — he looks a bit sad and asks me to stay, but resigns himself to the fact that that’s not possible.

There are only four kids in his class from last year’s class, but that doesn’t seem to bug him. The teacher he has is the “tougher” of the Grade 2 teachers, so I’ve heard, but I think he’ll do okay with that, too. So all-in-all, I’d say it was a successful week. Amy, on the other hand…stay tuned for a subsequent post.

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