number one: busy

I don’t know what Greg and I did with our free time before we had children. I don’t even remember thinking we had much free time, but boy, did we ever. It feels like we are going non-stop, especially now that summer has arrived. And I know we are not alone.

Take this weekend for example. Friday I worked in the morning, spent about four hours getting ready for a camping trip, left at around 5:00 for said trip, and camped for two nights (and admittedly did spend some time sitting around, but not much!). We arrived home late last night, got the kids into bed, cleaned up a bit and went to bed completely exhausted. This morning I got up, went for a 50 km bike ride, got home, sent Greg out on his bike ride, went grocery shopping with the kids, baked a cake, cleaned up a bit more from camping, and prepped for a BBQ we were hosting with our neighbours. Thank goodness they were doing most of the work. Then we had the BBQ, cleaned up, hung three loads of laundry and watered the plants. Whew!

I complain about the pace sometimes, but I don’t think I actually mind it that much, because most of the time we are doing things we have explicitly chosen to do, and we are having fun. Especially around this time of year. I don’t do well (neither do my kids) if I don’t have a plan, and it needs to be a plan of action. It doesn’t have to be high-energy action, we just need to do something.

I think my poor husband suffers a bit, but he keeps his mouth shut most of the time. And he does benefit from the fun stuff we do, so it’s not all suffering!

And now we are at the end of our first (busy) summer weekend, and I’m feeling like I’ve had a real holiday, even if it’s just been three days.