i’m the tortoise

As I have mentioned previously, I am far more motivated to exercise if I have a specific goal. Last year I bit off probably more than I could chew and decided to train for both the Portland half marathon in May, and the Tour de Victoria in June. Training was actually going okay until a trip to Saudi put the kibosh on the half marathon. This was probably a blessing in disguise. I went on to do the Tour and was very pleased with my ride.

This year, the Portland half marathon was in the plan from early on. Four friends did it last year and enjoyed it, and they are doing it again, this time with a bigger group, and also to celebrate a 40th birthday. I didn’t need much convincing. I always said if I did another half it would have to be in another city, and Portland is just fine with me. Plus it means a weekend away for Greg and I, sans kids. The only downside was that I wouldn’t be able to do the Tour, as I really didn’t want to train for both again.

But then a 2013 Tour de Victoria update came out, and they announced that the ride would be in September this year. I quickly calculated the number of months I had to train, assuming I wouldn’t start until after Portland, and decided that four months was just plenty. So I signed up for both.

The run is in three weeks, and I was very much on track training-wise until I got sick over a week ago. Just a cold, but it has wiped me out and I have no energy to run. I missed my long run (supposed to be 2:10) last weekend, and things weren’t looking good for this weekend either. But yesterday I decided I’d at least go out for half an hour today, even if it was painful. I woke up feeling a bit better, and felt like I was coughing less. I went to Elk Lake and ended up running 10K, but it was the slowest 10K I’ve ever done. So slow that I’m not sharing my time here. But I did it.

I know I’ll be fine for the race — I’m a slow runner at the best of times and my expectations are pretty low, but it still bums me out that I’ve missed two long runs. It seems to be the name of the game, though, training plans getting screwed up. Last year it was Saudi, and in previous years I’ve had other issues, one of which was a wasp sting on the bottom of my foot that sidelined me for a couple of weeks. The plus side to being sick now is that it’s unlikely I’ll be sick on race day. Fingers crossed.

five years

On this night five years ago, Greg and I put Elliot to bed, ordered in some Thai food and watched a really good movie about a pregnant teen. It was a Friday night and I was almost two weeks overdue with “Beet”, as she was called then.

In the early hours of April 5th, I woke up with contractions, and about four hours later Amy was born. She has brightened our lives since the day she arrived, and I am so looking forward to celebrating with her tomorrow.

She’s pretty excited too, as evidenced by this.