last but not least, amy

Seems like a fine subject to talk about for my last NaBloPoMo post this year…my little girl.

I’m glad I’m the youngest of four, because if I wasn’t, I think I’d be a bit worried at the mental energy I expend on parenting Elliot compared to parenting Amy. I think it’s out of balance. But I never felt any less loved than the rest of my siblings, so hopefully Amy knows how much she is loved. My gut feeling is that it’s because of personality as opposed to birth order.

To put it bluntly, I have absolutely no concerns about how Amy will make her way in this world. From day one she has been crystal clear about what she wants, and she’s not afraid to ask for it. Many times. She also has an ability to take things in stride. This may not be obvious in our day-to-day household operations (there is lots of drama), but in general, she just rolls with things. And if she isn’t rolling with it, she’s letting you know what her problem is with it. Many times. To my untrained eye (see previous post about Greg and I not being psychologists), it seems like she was born with confidence. And I’m very thankful for that.

So the drama. There is lots of it. It can be very entertaining (especially when there’s a third party in the house who sees the humour in it) and it can be very exasperating. Greg and I are often telling each other to take a deep breath. I think we also need to be more aware of the fact that our kids (shockingly) are very different. And where Elliot is somewhat oblivious of the disengagement approach, Amy is totally affected by it. So just walking away can really have a positive effect on her behaviour. Along the same lines of recognizing our kids are different, we also need to remember that she’s still only four. Not that having high expectations for your kids is a bad thing, but we need to keep in mind that she’s not six. On the other hand, the drama also has a very positive side, and I am at a loss for words in how to explain some of her facial expressions and body language. Even the way she moves through the house (often at breakneck speed) is comical.

She loves music, and I’ve easily got her hooked on some of my favourite songs. Tonight we watched Rio and she was dancing her way through the closing credits, in her underwear. Some of my happiest parenting moments have been holding her hands and dancing with her.

I think she’s going to like school, but I think we will likely get a few comments on her inability to focus. We’ll see how the next year goes, but she can flit from one thing to the next very quickly. I worry with Elliot going through school before her that she will be compared to him, but this hopefully will be where her confidence kicks in. And there is no doubt that she will excel at lots of things.

Her play is very imaginative, and I’ve had some great fun listening to her monologues as she plays out different parts of her scenarios. She also likes to move things. She brings toys from her room to other parts of the house all the time, and finding things is sometimes a challenge.

I said earlier this month that she has a very unique style when it comes to how she dresses, and she can get quite attached to her clothing, even if she doesn’t wear an item very often (or ever). I no longer tell her when I am going to donate something because it’s too small. It just disappears in the laundry (and then appears on the two-year-old next door, which has created a couple of issues — oops).

I am so looking forward to watching her grow up and seeing how her confidence and sunshine affect how she lives her life. So far it’s been a great ride.

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