she’s no slouch

Greg is currently teaching my 78-year-old mother how to use Twitter. We often have to show her how to do things several times when it comes to technology, but I have to give her credit. She has a desktop computer, an iPad and a Samsung smart phone (some bad advice there, should have got an iPhone so there’d be one less user interface to worry about), and she uses them all. Her iPad is her favourite. She uses it for email, games, news and now Twitter (if she can figure it out).

At her age, she could have easily shunned technology, especially the tablet and phone mediums, and that would have been perfectly acceptable. But she believes in challenging her brain. I sometimes get frustrated with her when I’m trying to explain something over the phone, but I really do admire her. I think she’s brave to take these things on, and she’s always trying to pick up something new.

And with her 78-year-old bones, it’s hard for her to get down on the floor and play with the kids, but she’s spent many a happy hour cuddled with them on the couch, iPad in hand, while they play Scrabble, watch National Film Board films, and learn from each other. A side effect of the iPad that I never anticipated.