it’s going to be a hard one to finish

A couple of weeks ago, Greg, the kids and I were all in Kaboodles looking for a birthday present for my nephew. (Well, I was looking for the present and the other three were drooling over all the toys.) Greg brought over a 1000 piece Christmas puzzle I’d seen earlier, to see if I was okay with getting it. We had already talking about possibly getting one that we would do each year, and he’d picked one that I liked, so I gave him the thumbs up.

We weren’t going to start it until December 1, but tonight we had an early dinner, my Mum is here (she won’t be here on December 1), and it just seemed like a good night to start it. So we did. Amy spent about 15 minutes helping sort pieces, and then lost interest. Elliot, Gran and I worked on the edges and Greg eventually joined us.

We were progressing quite well when I started getting annoyed at the licking Sheba, my Mum’s dog, was doing right near me. I told her to stop, but she continued. A few minutes later Greg figured out she was chewing on something, and made her drop it. It looked like a blue piece of paper. Greg walked over to the garbage holding it, and just as he was about to throw it away, he exclaimed, “Oh NO!”

The paper was actually a puzzle piece, soaking wet and mangled beyond repair. My Mum felt horrible, but we figured it will be a good story. We’ll do the puzzle each year, minus one piece, and remember the time that Sheba had an extra snack.