i think she’s pissed!

On Sunday night, Greg and I headed to bed, later than we wanted, as usual. It was a busy weekend and I was looking forward to climbing into my nice flannel sheets. As we were closing up shop and heading upstairs, we heard the telltale noises of Heart about to toss her cookies. Greg ran downstairs to try to let her out before she puked. You have to give her credit, she got as close to the front door as she could, and then let go.

One puke is almost always followed by another with her, but she’d deposited her dinner so close to the front door that Greg couldn’t open the door to get her out. He frantically tried to get her to the kitchen door, but she only managed to get to the other end of the hallway before the second wave hit.

Ok, two piles of puke to clean up. Greg did the worst part of the deed while I offered moral support and gave the floor a spritz and a wipe.

Off we go up to bed, delayed by ten minutes or so. We brushed our teeth, etc, then headed into the bedroom to change. I picked up my pajamas off the bed and noticed a wet spot underneath them. Aphro had peed on my pj’s and it had gone through them and onto the duvet. This was the second time she’d peed in our bedroom that day — in the morning I went to put on a top that had been lying on the floor overnight and it was sopping wet and stinky.

So we had to change the duvet (thankfully we have more than one)…more delays and no more flannel.

We are pretty sure the reason she’s peeing in the bedroom as opposed to her litter box is because we have two extra dogs in the house. But she’s being pretty immature about it, because there is a big gate up that prevents the dogs from getting anywhere near her as she makes her way from our bedroom to the basement. Not to mention that the two extra dogs sleep in a bedroom behind a closed door all night. AND, she seems to be able to eat her food, which is less than a foot away from her litter box.

But it didn’t end there. Last night I had finished getting ready for bed (again it was later than I wanted it to be) and I pulled back the duvet to climb in. And there, on my side of the bed was a wet spot the size of a large platter. This was on the sheet, and the duvet had been covering the sheet. I checked the duvet, and sure enough it was soaked through. So we changed the whole fucking bed (going back to the duvet that had been peed on the night before), cursing the cat the whole time.

The litter box is now in the bedroom — temporarily until the extra dogs vacate the premises. If this doesn’t work we are locking her up somewhere. (Although last night I have to admit to having thoughts of changing her from an inside cat to an outside cat and just letting fate take over…)