i’ll remain a sloth

As I was checking in to my current hotel on Friday morning (that’s hotel #3 for anyone who’s counting), I was told there was a ladies gym in the hotel. This is unusual for the Saudi hotels that we’ve been staying in for this project (there is always a men’s gym), and I was briefly excited, until I realized I had brought no workout gear with me, specifically no shoes suitable for going to a gym. Upon further thought I decided that I do have one pair that might work, so I took the keycard for the gym so I could check it out. That was Friday evening. It is now Monday evening here, and I finally checked out the ladies gym. It’s actually not bad — it has a couple of elliptical trainers, a stair climber and a few free weights.

I stood in the room for a few minutes, looking around, and then left, knowing full well that I wasn’t going to go back. I mean who am I kidding? I’ve come this far without exercising one iota, why break the trend now when I’m three days away from leaving? I’ve got all sorts of things working against me, too: no workout clothes or shoes, I hate working out in a gym, um…I guess that’s it.

So…if I come home and complain to you that I wasn’t able to exercise for 16 days, you can gently correct me and remind me that if I’d come prepared and if I’d had just a little motivation, I could have exercised the last five days I was here.

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