some thoughts while I wait for dinner

I’ve switched hotels for the weekend, I’m in the Sheraton now, which gives me a day pass to the Sheraton Resort that’s on the Red Sea. Tomorrow will hopefully be a snorkelling day.

The Sheraton isn’t as nice as the InterContinental, unfortunately, but it’s not bad. The food is more expensive and I’m about to find out if it’s any better. The InterCon food was actually quite good. I was REALLY adventurous and ordered a burger. Sometimes you just feel like familiar food.

Today was my last day of training the Jeddah people. After work I got to the hotel room and slept for two hours, and I dreamt about training next week and it was a disaster. I’m really happy that my unconscious mind is so helpful in my times of anxiety…sheesh. Theoretically it should be easier next week as I’m training on the same topics, but it’s a whole new group of people. So a whole new group of questions that I hopefully can answer. It’s difficult to train on an application when you don’t have a lot of expertise in the business. So when the trainees ask “well how would I do this ?” I don’t often understand what “this” is (especially when said with a strong Arabic accent). They are going from a paper system to a purely automated system and while it is the job of a business analyst to get to the answer, it’s difficult to do on the fly in the middle of a training session. Anyway, fingers crossed that it goes smoothly.

On another note…one of the things I’ve noticed here is it always seem to take a small army to get something done. In every hotel I’ve checked into, there are always at least three, sometimes more, men attending to the check in. When we got our wireless network set up on the first day of training, five men came in to do it. I was thinking today as I was falling asleep for my nap…I wonder what Saudis find different, odd and/or interesting about Canada when they come to visit (apart from the scantily-clad women). Do they notice how clean it is compared to their country? Are they put off by the amount of rain? Are they surprised at all the homeless people? Are they appalled at how rude we can be to one another? Are they dismayed to find out that our malls aren’t open to midnight every night, and that there are no amusement parks for their kids in every mall?

Alrighty…my burger is here, I’m going to eat.