i’d rather use an outhouse

The state of the ladies bathroom where I’m doing the training is, to put it mildly, disgusting. The floors and all the fixtures are dirty and often wet, there is no toilet paper or paper towel, there is a tiny bit of hand soap, and the temperature in the loo is hotter than hot. So it’d be bad enough wearing western clothes and attempting to pee without touching anything, but put a floor length abaya on with floppy sleeves and you’re flirting with extreme ickiness.

So what’s sadder than the state of the bathroom? The fact that it’s been like this for four days straight. I am unclear on whether the women aren’t complaining about it because they won’t be heard, or because they just don’t care. But I think it’s the former. I find it absolutely appalling that they have to put up with it. And I’m thankful every time I walk into my hotel room and know that I can use a bathroom (a) without an abaya on and (b) that’s been cleaned in the last 12 hours.

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