hoping a good sleep will help

Not sure I should be blogging, as I am feel like I could burst into tears very easily. I’m only on day three (or maybe four…it’s hard to keep track with the time change), and I’m feeling awfully lonely. True, I have had a tiring day and I’m feeling the effects of my short sleep last night, but even though there are reasons for my “blue-ness”, it doesn’t make it any easier.

Last trip I was travelling with several other Canadians, and almost every night we went out for dinner. I was busy and didn’t have a lot of time to think about home. Tonight the two men I’m working with went out to dinner to a very good, but men-only, restaurant, so I was on my own again for dinner. This hotel room is beginning to feel very familiar.

It also doesn’t help that my first day training was a bit of a flop. No fault of mine, but the room wasn’t set up for us, so there was no internet and no laptops for the people I was training to use. I managed to get internet for myself, and so the day basically consisted of me blabbing away about the system and providing a demo. No hands-on activities for the attendees. Talk about a crappy way to learn. It looks like things will be set up properly for tomorrow, so hopefully the day will go better.

Really feeling quite pathetic right now, so I think I’ll go read and then go to bed. Hopefully a more uplifting post will appear tomorrow.