the dreaded second night

I can do a three hour time change with no issues, whether I’m flying east or west. I may sleep in a bit the next day, but I am not fatigued and I have no trouble sleeping.

Ten hour time change…not so much. As with last time, the first night was fine. I slept so little on the trip here that I was able to sleep 11 hours that first night and hardly wake up at all. I managed to plow through yesterday without napping, and I went to bed at 10:00 pretty tired. I fell asleep easily, and then woke up just before 1 am, WIDE awake. I popped half an Ativan (I didn’t want to take a whole one because I was due to get up at 6:30) but that didn’t seem to help. I tossed and turned, and then, about an hour later (I want to say, for sympathy’s sake, that it was just as I was falling back asleep, but I doubt it), some idiot rang my doorbell. This hotel has LOUD door bells that belt out two short rings. I got up and asked who was there, and of course there was no answer. Through the peep hole I could see someone standing by another door so I suspect they had the wrong room.

I fell back asleep eventually, only to wake again at 5 am. I stopped trying at that point. So I’ve spent a leisurely morning eating breakfast, showering, checking email and drinking tea. Or as leisurely as I can be, given that I’m a bit freaked out about my upcoming day…more on that later, once I’ve survived the day. Because I WILL survive it. 🙂