the ultimate sacrifice

Let me preface this post by saying (for those of you who don’t know) that “bopp” is Amy’s blanket, and she loves it dearly.

I didn’t have the greatest day yesterday, and right before dinner Amy and I took a quick trip down to the grocery store to pick up something we needed for dinner. As I was backing out of our parking spot I heard and felt a loud crash, and I realized I’d hit a concrete light post that I had parked beside. That’s never a good thing, but it was the last thing I needed yesterday. I took a peek and for some odd reason I couldn’t see any damage, which was great, but I was shaken.

As I drove home I explained to Amy that I might cry when I told Daddy about hitting the post. I was near tears at that point and I knew telling him would be my turning point. I was trying to reassure her that I was fine, but just feeling a bit sad. There was a pause, and the next thing I heard from the back seat was: Mummy, you can borrow my bopp, but I’ll need it back before bedtime.

It’s nice to get reminders of what matters in this life, and the fact that my daughter was aware of my feelings and willing to lend me her most prized possession to help me feel better matters a lot to me.