god love her vocabulary

I was in Delicado’s this morning and while I was waiting for my food, I browsed through some knitted products and jewellery they had for sale. I saw a pair of purple leg warmers with a fluffy white cuff that I knew Amy would love, and so I bought them. Greg helped her put them on tonight and she enthusiastically told me they were great, and thanked me for them. I knew they’d be a hit, but it was still nice to hear such an enthusiastic reaction.

Tonight, of course, she is sleeping in them, and she just walked to the bathroom and asked us to check out her “warm leggers”.

back on the wagon (well one of them anyway)

I haven’t biked much, but I ran on Wednesday and Friday last week, and Sunday morning, after a shitty sleep, after clearing my eyes of the lovely pink eye crusties, and with a sore throat, I set forth in the pouring rain and ran longer than I have in seven years — for 60 minutes. And it was twice around upper Thetis so it wasn’t a mamby-pamby flat run either.

I rock.

the ultimate sacrifice

Let me preface this post by saying (for those of you who don’t know) that “bopp” is Amy’s blanket, and she loves it dearly.

I didn’t have the greatest day yesterday, and right before dinner Amy and I took a quick trip down to the grocery store to pick up something we needed for dinner. As I was backing out of our parking spot I heard and felt a loud crash, and I realized I’d hit a concrete light post that I had parked beside. That’s never a good thing, but it was the last thing I needed yesterday. I took a peek and for some odd reason I couldn’t see any damage, which was great, but I was shaken.

As I drove home I explained to Amy that I might cry when I told Daddy about hitting the post. I was near tears at that point and I knew telling him would be my turning point. I was trying to reassure her that I was fine, but just feeling a bit sad. There was a pause, and the next thing I heard from the back seat was: Mummy, you can borrow my bopp, but I’ll need it back before bedtime.

It’s nice to get reminders of what matters in this life, and the fact that my daughter was aware of my feelings and willing to lend me her most prized possession to help me feel better matters a lot to me.

kind of fell off the wagon

Saturday I went for my longest run in a while — 7.5 km — and Sunday afternoon I rode the trainer for 30 minutes (even though I would have MUCH preferred to have a nap). But I’ve done nothing since then. It snowed. I got a cold. Work was busy. School and daycare were cancelled. I still feel sick. There is still snow on the ground.

It’s only a few days missed, but I was doing so well that I feel a bit disappointed in myself. I guess in a way it’s a good thing that the snow coincided with my cold. Next week there will be no snow, I should be feeling better and I’ll get back into it.

still committed

12 days into January…so far I’ve done two rides, four runs (one of which was in the pouring rain, and two more of which were in sub-zero temperatures) and one swim. I’d say things are going well.

All of my runs have been with a woman who lives in my neighbourhood, and I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t have run four times in the last week had it not been for her. When my alarm goes off at 6:10 in the morning the LAST thing I want to do is get out of my warm bed, go outside and run. Ick. But knowing I have to meet someone gets me moving, and once I start I enjoy it. She’s a slow runner like me, and much as I say I like running alone, it’s been great having company.

On Tuesday night I woke up with some pretty severe pain just above my right knee, enough pain to wake me up. Wednesday morning we had planned a run so I dutifully got out of bed and limped downstairs. And still went running. This is how I’ve dealt with all my running injuries over the past few years. None of them are major and I just run through them. It’s probably pretty stupid but it seems to work. By the end of Wednesday’s run it was feeling better, then I ran again this morning. It was still a bit painful, but it gradually got better throughout the day and I don’t feel any pain now. One day this method’s not going to work, but I’ll keeping doing it until that day comes.

I’ve got a ride planned for Sunday and I should get a run in as well, but we’ve got a pretty packed weekend so I’m not sure that’ll happen. Just the first weekend of many where I’ll have to juggle a few too many things and something will fall. Makes me feel even better about how much I’ve done in the past 12 days. There will be good weeks and bad weeks, and that’s okay.


Last year I briefly contemplated doing the GoodLife Fitness half marathon here in Victoria. Several friends were doing it, I haven’t done one for a while (6+ years), and I was fresh off my high from completing the Tour de Victoria. Then I started training. Very lightly. I don’t know if I was tired of training, just not into doing any runs longer than 30 minutes, or if I was too busy with life, but whatever the reason I was not enjoying it. At all. And during one morning run I just decided to screw it and be a (really good) spectator. Yes I exercise more regularly with a goal, but I’d just achieved my Tour de Victoria goal and I wasn’t really into doing anything else at the time.

Actually, after re-reading the previous paragraph I think I remember the real reason. I hate doing half marathons. It’s a freaking long way to run for me, I’m a slow runner so it takes forever, and every one I’ve done has been very painful. After I completed my last one, I told myself the only reason I’d do another is if it were a destination race. And doing Victoria for a third time certainly didn’t fit that bill. So I continued through the summer running once or twice a week, riding occasionally and keeping in moderately good shape. In October I proudly watched my friends do the half and had no regrets.

But then these same friends started talking about doing another race, the Rock ‘n’ Roll half in Portland in May. And I found myself seriously thinking about it. It’s a destination race (no, it’s not exotic, but it’s still not a bad place to visit) and there is live music every mile. My kind of motivation. A complicating factor was that I’d already signed up for the 2012 Tour de Victoria, but that almost made it more appealing — training for both at once would be a great goal for me for 2012. So I took the plunge and decided to go for it (theoretically, any way…for the record I haven’t actually signed up for the race yet).

There will be some barriers that I need to navigate around, time being the biggest. I’ve got this mother gig going strong and taking several hours out of each weekend to train for both a ride and a run is going to take some work, especially when Greg is also training for the Tour. My ideal schedule will probably not be feasible and I’ll have to accept what I can do. I also have another two week Saudi trip tentatively planned for the end of March, and I’ll have to figure out how to do some significant exercise in the confines of a hotel room. But the point isn’t to win, the point is to have some fun, get back into shape and feel challenged.

And I’ve started the year off right. On January 1st I went for an hour ride, and this morning, having slept only four hours due to a sick dog, I dragged myself out of bed and went for a 30 minute run in the PISSING rain. And enjoyed it.

As I was finishing my run, I had a surge of positive energy, and I had the thought (as Elliot would say): I’m SO going to do this. Let’s see if I can hold on to that for the next five months.