last day in Jeddah

Written on Nov 25, first day in Jeddah.
2:36 pm
Last night the two guys were are traveling with (Mohammed, an IBM employee from Dubai and Phil, and IBM employee from Victoria) decided to go into Jeddah for dinner. Tracy wasn’t feeling well and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go without her, but I went ahead and did it. I wanted to see the actual city and Mohammed is a very easy person to travel with. So off we went.

We ate at a seafood place, my first seafood since arriving here, and when we walked in the restaurant we were greeted by a display full of ice and fresh fish and shellfish. You picked the fish you wanted, how you wanted it prepared, and then went to your table. Mohammed ordered for us – we had calamari, huge prawns and I had fried hamar (not sure of spelling). It was excellent.

We got back to the resort at about 10:30 and I slept soundly until about 7:00, then snoozed until 8:00. My first sleep in. It was lovely.

I ventured in for another snorkel this morning and got up my nerve to go in the deeper area. More fish, and more colourful coral. Mohammed came with me and he said the sea life was as good as the dive they’d done yesterday.

We have a few minutes before we are leaving the resort. The plan is to have dinner in Jeddah and then head to the airport.

I have really enjoyed the leisure time, but it gives me more time to think about Greg and the kids and how much I miss them. I’ve still got five more long days before I head home. This morning I pulled a hair elastic of Amy’s out of my pocket and it almost made me cry. It will be good to be home, no question.
This was the last post I wrote while I was away. The problem with posting after the fact is it seems like a long time ago, and with the time of year I’ve since got caught up in other things. I will see if I’ve got some content for a wrap up post.

I think if I go again (there is a tentative trip planned for March), I will post while I’m there.