random thoughts

Another excerpt from a letter to my family, written on Nov 20.
I’m writing this from the 23rd floor of the Kingdom Centre. I’m in the “women’s only” section (no men allowed).

Last night we ate at a really good Indian place, although I have to admit my appetite isn’t what it usually is. The food’s pretty cheap, especially outside of the hotel.

I’m struck by the state of disarray the city seems to be in — it’s like it’s in a perpetual state of renovation. The ministry building is brand new, all marble, but there is renovation garbage everywhere. And the restaurant we were in last night had this beautiful entrance and a beautiful lit ceiling, and then these really run-down dividers separating the tables.

Driving continues to be a thrilling experience. I’m inclined to take a movie from inside the car as we’re driving just to show you all how close the cars come to each other…but that would probably freak Mum out. 🙂 Car accidents are the leading cause of death in the city. (Sorry, Mum.) But I have yet to see a car that’s smashed up. They all look to be in one piece.