i will eventually write about something other than plane travel and jet lag

Tonight’s post will take you back in time to two weeks ago, when I left for Saudi. The following was written during my trek from Victoria to Riyadh, over a two-day period.
November 16th, 5:30 pm Calgary time
I’m writing this two and a half hours into my nine and a half hour flight to Frankfurt. So far so good. We had a four hour layover in Calgary that was spent in one of the lounges. The perks of traveling with people who fly a lot. Tracy and I have four seats for the two of us, and Marty managed to upgrade to business class.

I’ve been offered free booze three times already, but have turned it down. I took an Ativan about half an hour ago and I don’t want to be totally out of it. Perhaps on the way home I’ll go the booze route instead of the drugs route.

I have a very warped sense of time right now. No big surprise as it’s 5:00 pm PST, I’ve already finished dinner, and I’m about to see if I can get comfortable enough to sleep.

I’m hoping Greg got on his ferry okay for his concert, and I’m hoping the kids are doing okay with Gramma.

Now that the trip has started I’m more excited than anxious. Imagining being on a plane is much scarier than actually being on a plane. Perhaps that’s the Ativan kicking in.

I seem to have brought some worries with me from home. They are inconsequential in the big scheme of things and I wish I could have just left them there. Maybe as I get further away they will be dropped.

That’s all for now. I’m going to try to get comfortable, read a little and then sleep.

3 hours later (8:30 pm Calgary time)
I’m tired, I have drugged myself and I can’t sleep. Maybe I should have had a drink.  I was able to get fairly comfortable, so I don’t think that was the problem. Perhaps the problem is that it’s only 7:30 pm PST. A good three hours before my bedtime. No idea what time it is where I am because I have no idea where I am right now. It’s pitch black outside.

Two hours later (10:30 pm Calgary time)
The couple in front of us is travelling with a toddler and an infant. Reminds me of our trip to NZ. Travelling is certainly easier without the dependents!

According to the map I just saw, we are approaching the UK. Which means I just flew over the Atlantic Ocean! I think we’ve got about two hours left. I’ve given up on sleep and certainly not too impressed with the Ativan. Although I don’t feel anxious, so that’s a good thing.

11:15 pm Calgary time
I’d say the flight was going well up until 15 minutes ago. I just ate breakfast and now I feel like shit. Hot, tired, a bit nauseous and ready to get off this plane. I still have over an hour. Seems like a long time from now.

10:15 am Frankfurt time (about three hours later)
I’m in Frankfurt! In the last three hours we landed, disembarked, had a shower, had a quick snack, boarded a bus and now I’m on a plane to Saudi. I’m in a total time warp. It’s morning and I never had my night (nor any sleep!). The flight to Riyadh is about five and a half hours. I think it’ll be about 5:30 pm local time when we land. A bed will feel good tonight!
Back to the present…I again slept quite well last night, but I woke up feeling like someone had run over me. Going to Saudi the only symptoms of jet lag I felt were tiredness and an inability to sleep past 4:00 in the morning, neither of which lasted long. Coming home, I feel sick, impaired and totally out of it. Although I did go for a 90 minute walk with Amy today and I think being in the fresh air helped. I’m totally exhausted right now, but I no longer feel like I’ve been run over. So perhaps tomorrow I’ll feel a bit more normal. A friend pointed out to me today that I really haven’t been home that long, so it’s no wonder I still feel like crap.