tidbit 3: Jen and Emily

In the last few months, Jen and Emily have entered our lives. They are Amy’s imaginary friends and they come with an entourage. They have three dogs, and there is also a daddy, a baby and a brother. I’m not clear on the relationship between them all nor their ages, but I was told at one point that Jen was 14.

This group arrived on the scene very suddenly. I can’t remember exactly when or how they came up, but one day we’d never heard of them and the next day she was talking about them constantly. It’s petered out a bit, but yesterday I was asked to walk the three dogs, and tonight before dinner she told the dogs to lie down and stay before she came to the table, so they are definitely still on her mind.

My favourite moment with Jen and Emily was a couple of weeks ago when Amy and I were on our way to the local school to play at the playground. Amy was on her bike, and I happened to be watching her when the school came in sight. Her face lit up (so much so that I thought Greg had surprised us and met us there), and she said, with genuine joy, “Jen and Emily are here!”. It was pretty darn sweet.

There are times when Amy will get a sad face and when I ask her what’s wrong, she’ll tell me that Jen and Emily aren’t with her. I find it interesting the way a child’s mind works, that they would choose to have their imaginary friends not around, even if it makes them sad.

I don’t remember having an imaginary friend as a child, but I’m sure enjoying experiencing it now.

Oh, and the three dogs names? Diesel and Diesel, and the third one doesn’t have a name.

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