I have lots to write about and have been unable to write it — I think because there’s so much and it’s all unrelated, I don’t know how to start. As I was running this morning I realize I treat blogging like I used to treat scrapbooking — everything had to be done in chronological order, and everything had to be compartmentalized (i.e. in a scrapbook). I got over that, and while I can’t say I’ve steamed forward with the scrapbooks, I can say I now do things out of order and there are (oh my!) pages done that are NOT in books.

So I’m going to take a similar approach to blogging. I’ve got a bunch of things to write about, some big, some small, and I’m just going to start with what I feel like writing and go from there. And if one entry has multiple unrelated things, so be it.

So my initial list of “tidbits” is (I’ll cross off each one I’ve done and add more as I think of them…and if I get up to 30 I’m going to kick myself for not saving this for NaBloPoMo):

E’s first few days of kindergarten
A’s reaction to kindergarten
My reaction to kindergarten
– A’s September transition
– My 25 days off
Jen and Emily
– Turning 40
– Vegas
– Work travel
– Work merger

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