tidbit 1: Amy’s reaction to kindergarten

Elliot started kindergarten last week, and because we are such *awesome* parents, we have been asking him questions about his day, listening carefully to his answers, and just generally showing interest, without trying to make a huge deal out of it. And again because we are such *awesome* parents, we’ve been asking Amy questions about daycare and what’s going on with her, so she doesn’t feel left out. But I realized yesterday that even if Greg and I had slipped up and put too much focus on Elliot, Amy would have rectified the situation. Because right in the middle of talking to Elliot about something kindergarten-related (after giving her plenty of attention), she piped up with how her baby started kindergarten yesterday and she proceeded to describe how his day was. Since then, it’s come up a couple more times, and so I’m learning quite a bit about baby’s first few days in school.

I don’t think anyone’s going to leave this girl in the dust, and it’s one of the many things I love about her.