please excuse the bags under my eyes

If you don’t like reading about puke, don’t read this post.

Amy woke up last night at around midnight yelling “Mummy, I threw up!”. Sure enough, when Greg went in, the poor girl was sitting up in her crib with a small handful of puke in her hands. We cleaned her up, gave her a puke bowl and went back to bed. There were a few false alarms over the next 45 minutes, but she eventually threw up again. She’s thankfully very good at puking into a bowl. Very little mess. After a couple more false alarms I sent Greg downstairs and brought Amy into bed with me. You know how good you feel right after you puke? Well she was feeling pretty good for a while and had a hard time falling asleep. 1:30 came and went, with lots of drinking water, grabbing the puke bowl with no outcome, taking blankets on and off, asking me where Aphro was, where Daddy was and a whole lot of NOT sleeping.

I started to get quite frustrated and was about to send her back to her crib when she suddenly grabbed her bowl and puked up another bowlfull. I got her cleaned up again, and right away she fell asleep. (Well, not right away…I had told her, in attempt to get her to sleep, that I’d put the duvet on top of her when she was asleep…she had her blankets on but wanted the duvet on too. When I thought she was asleep, I pulled the duvet up to her chin. I saw a slight grin on her face as she pulled the covers up higher. Little faker! But she did fall asleep soon after that.)

She was up at 6:30 back to her perky self. But the daycare policy is 24 hours post puke before going back, so I knew she was going to have a home day. I went in to wake up Elliot, and to see how he was doing. He’s a hard one to read in the morning because he’s almost always grumpy until he fully wakes up. I told him that Amy was sick and having a home day, but that he was going to daycare. I reminded him of when the situations were reversed a few months ago and he had a home day while Amy went to daycare. Predictably, he told me his tummy was sore. I left him for a bit, and when I went back in I told him it wouldn’t be a fun day if he stayed at home — that Dad had errands to do. Elliot tried to get up, and then fell back into bed. At that point I started to believe him that he wasn’t feeling well, but I didn’t say anything to him. I left him be, shut his door and when to get ready for work. I was fully prepared to have him stay home with Greg.

Just as I was getting to leave, I heard him bolt out of bed, open his door, and then I heard a HUGE splat. Sure enough, he had puked on the floor. Mid puke, he looks up at me and says “I told you!” Yikes. I guess I should have told him that I believed him!

Long story short, kids are at home with Dad today, and I’m trying to figure out if the niggly feeling in my stomach is just my hypochondriac tendencies kicking in. I’m hoping so, because we’re supposed to be spending a long weekend with my whole family. Puking kind of puts a damper on those activities.