the brighter side of the big city

My last post didn’t speak highly of Toronto, but in my world the saying “familiarity breeds contempt” does not apply, and after spending a couple of weeks here, I like it better. I went for a couple of morning runs in Queen’s Park that were quite nice, despite the thunder and lightning, and there I experienced some greenery that was actually real. And on Tuesday night I went to see a live production of Billy Elliot which was absolutely fantastic…something that I couldn’t do in Victoria. As my sister said, it was a good “big city” thing to do.

I took the subway each day to work, and it’s a pretty efficient system that isn’t too expensive. I wouldn’t want to be down there on my own at 2:00 in the morning, but with the rush hour crowds it’s just fine. Especially when you’re riding the opposite way from most of the population (i.e. I could always find a seat).

And for me, just being more familiar with something does endear it to me. I got to know the few blocks around the hotel, and had I stayed any longer I would have done some more exploring by way of more runs (it was too hot last week to do this).

So as I sit at Pearson Airport waiting for my flight, I think I’d be quite happy to come back here if work dictated. It’d be so much easier this time round, knowing things a bit better. But for now I’m feeling pretty darn happy about the fact that I’m heading west. To my husband, my son, my daughter and my home.

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