the extinction of a word

I don’t know what Elliot’s first word was. People have asked me, and I was paying attention at the time (he is my firstborn, after all) but I don’t think he actually had one. There were several words that came out all at once. “Car” (big surprise), “ball”, “moo”, to name a few.

Amy’s first word, without a doubt, was “Aiya”, her version of Elliot. It came well before any others. We’ve heard it sung sweetly, we’ve heard it screamed, we’ve heard her say it countless times. And then about a month ago, out of the blue, she called her brother Elliot. And yesterday I realized I haven’t heard her say Aiya in at least a week. She doesn’t say Elliot the same way we do, it’s more like Elleeyut, but it’s definitely close. It’s still sweet to hear, but I will miss Aiya. A lot.