she’s gonna be a bag lady

One of Amy’s favourite things to do is find random small things and put those random small things into bigger things. Magnetic letters into plastic juice containers; blocks into bags, random baby bits into her stroller…there’s no end to entertainment for her here. So as I was doing a thorough cleaning of her room earlier in the week, I wasn’t surprised to find that everything I picked up that could hold something did, in fact, hold something. She had cars in a metal tea tin. Hair elastics inside a teeny tiny baggy inside one of her purses, along with other hair elastics loose in the same purse. Barrettes inside a metal band-aid tin. Blocks inside another purse. Fisher Price Little People inside an empty kleenex box. It was like Christmas. I never knew what I’d find when I opened something.

Then she’ll take all the “carrier” items (purses, canvas bags, tins, etc.) and she’ll put them in her shopping cart till it’s overflowing, with stuff hanging over the edges, and she’ll walk around the house, carting it around with her. She just needs a big plastic bag of tin cans for recycling and she’ll be set.

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