three years young

This morning when I walked into Amy’s room, I wished my half-asleep baby girl a happy birthday. Her eyes brightened, she looked around her crib a bit, and then asked softly “where’s my birthday?” I’m not sure exactly what she was asking and I didn’t ask her to clarify. It seemed like such an innocent, child-like question and I wanted to savour the moment.

We had a great day, but after spending Elliot’s birthday at home (it was a weekend), and spending Amy’s birthday mostly at work, I think next year I’ll try to take the day off. The time I spent with her today seemed too short, especially because a good portion of it was spent making dinner and icing her cake.

The day started with her sitting in her birthday chair opening her presents from Gran, Greg and I. She thoroughly enjoyed the opening process, and happily got Elliot to help her when needed. I made some cupcakes last night for her to take to daycare, and they had a small celebration for her there. Her request for dinner was macaroni. I upped the classiness of that request a bit and served tortellini. Gran, Auntie Jan, Uncle Graeme and her cousin Hugh all joined us for dinner, and they are staying to spend the day with us tomorrow.

The cake was a butterfly cake, which I’ll post a picture of soon. We have had a few chocolate cakes recently so I switched to a white cake this time. It was, I have to say, outstanding. Although the birthday girl let her father eat hers, so she wasn’t a fan. The boys both had two pieces…in fact everyone else had at least two helpings, so I don’t think I’m the only one who thought it was good.

Amy opened a couple more presents from her Aunt and then played with the “guys”, as she calls her brother and cousin. They put together her new lego house for her and she destroyed it. Par for the course.

The night ended with a bit of screaming, but I was able to get her to bed on a calmer note after a couple of books. I think she was pretty pooped. Tomorrow will be another big day spent with my sister and her family, and I think she’ll enjoy that as well.

Happy birthday, Amy-girl. I love you!