playmobil and puzzles

I’d say Elliot had a good day. He woke up to a pile of presents from Greg and I, Gran, my brother and my sister. You know your child is getting older when the vast majority of the gifts are things they can DO rather than WEAR. He played for a bit, we had breakfast (blueberry buttermilk pancakes) and then he played more. His Gran got him a Playmobil police car with a “wee-ooo, wee-ooo” light and that was a big hit.

For lunch we had a friend and her daughter over, and they brought more presents — a book and a set of three puzzles. The puzzles were opened right away. We had a tea party per Elliot’s request, complete with crustless sandwiches (that was my request). His Gramma and Auntie arrived during lunch bringing, guess what, more presents. Several were played with, and in the mid afternoon the last of the guests arrived, his Granddad and Dooze (my step-mother) and he made short work of opening their presents. He was one happy boy.

Amy did fairly well through the day. I had explained to her ahead of time that her time would come (thankfully soon). And I think it helped a bit that her Gran brought her a little something.

For dinner we had homemade pizza, again at the birthday boy’s request. And yesterday we made a robot cake together, and it turned out great. Both in looks and taste!

I had a really fun day. I somehow managed to get out of the cooking, both for lunch and dinner, thanks to my husband. And he makes a mean tuna sandwich and a mean pizza, so we ate well. I also managed to get out of any clean-up, due to the grandparents and again my husband. I’m not sure what I did all day!

It was lovely having all the grandparents there and one of Elliot’s aunties. It means a lot to me that they all travelled from out of town to be here on Elliot’s day.

And Elliot never left the house, which is one of his definitions of a good day. I really think he enjoyed himself.

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