Ottawa 2011: too busy to blog

This not having any kids who nap gig means there is not a lot of down time for blogging. And during this trip I finally introduced myself to Angry Birds. Last night I spent 90 minutes playing it instead of blogging. But I’m here now.

We had a short but good trip to visit my friend in Montreal. We came across a bit of snow both ways in the drive but thankfully it was at the tail end of the trip both times.

Wednesday night my sister treated me to a ticket to Cats. I’d seen it once before in Victoria but this time our seats were much better. It was absolutely fabulous.

Thursday we spent a lot of the day at home, but Greg, Amy and I got out for a skate and all four Foxes spent about an hour tobogganing in the late afternoon.

Today Greg and I each got out for an individual skate in the morning and this afternoon we took the kids to the Canadian Museum of Nature. Amy and I also got out for a walk and a play at my nephew’s school. Amy has discovered the joy of going down plastic slides in snow pants. One goes fast and far.

We’ve been eating like royalty — my brother-in-law is a fabulous cook and my sister makes yummy bread and desserts. Pretty sure I’ll be returning to Victoria heavier. We have also been having beautiful weather — sunny and crisp, but not too crisp.

Three more days…then back to the real world.

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