Ottawa 2011: snow play

Yesterday we had a leisurely morning and then headed out to a winter festival at a local park. There was hockey, food, kids’ games and horse-drawn sleigh rides. And a small hill for tobogganing. Which is where we spent most of our time. Elliot loves being on a sled that is going downhill. Amy wasn’t quite as enthused, but she did do a couple of runs.

We spent the rest of the day indoors. Or the Fox family did. Greg had a short nap and I struggled to stay awake to make sure the kids didn’t kill each other.

This morning we tried to head out early to the ice slides. We had gone last year and it had been PACKED. We ended up getting there about 45 minutes after it opened and it was fine. The ice slides are toboggan runs that have been flooded and then have iced over. They are slick, fast and a whole lot of fun. Again, Elliot was all over it and Amy was a bit wary. But she ended up going down three slides.

Then it was back to the house for some food, train play and a bit of kid refereeing. In the late afternoon we went for our first skate on the canal. The ice was fairly choppy but it was still good to get out. Greg towed Elliot behind him in a sled and Amy was in the stroller. She fell asleep (which would be why she’s still awake now, at 9:30).

Tomorrow we are off to Montreal to visit a friend from university for a night. I haven’t seen her for four years so it’ll be nice to catch up.