Ottawa 2011: who owes who?

Amy and I arrived safely in Ottawa. Greg and Elliot are still enroute. We had to take separate flights because we booked with two separate point systems, and I valiantly stepped up to bat and volunteered to take Amy on the 7:00 am flight. The child who doesn’t sit still, the child who doesn’t enjoy television for longer than 10 minutes, the child who says NO! 342 times a day. For weeks I’ve been dreading the flight, planning what things I could take, and reminding Greg that he OWES me. Big time. Perhaps you can see where this is going.

My trip was a dream, or as much a dream as air travel can be. Sure, I was up at 4:30 am, but that’ll just get me on Ottawa time quicker. The flight from Victoria to Vancouver was quick and easy. We had about an hour in Vancouver. Enough time to enjoy a chai latte and watch some planes. We boarded our Vancouver to Ottawa plane and proceeded to enjoy a four and a half hour flight. Yes, I said enjoy. I even read a magazine. And did some puzzles. We did use almost everything I brought to entertain Amy, but she was easily entertained. The worst thing she did (and I recognize this is nothing) is close the shade on her window really loudly a few times. She was an absolute Angel. One man even commented that he’d never seen a child travel so well.

I arrived in Ottawa to hear that Greg’s flight had been delayed. It’s now almost 11:00 pm, six hours after Amy and I arrived at the house, and Elliot and Greg are still in the air. They left Victoria at 10:00 local time. If you do the math on that one, they spent seven hours in the Vancouver airport. They were supposed to be on a bit of a milk run through Winnipeg that would have had them landing at 10:30 pm, but the Winnipeg flight got cancelled. They got put on a direct flight to Ottawa, but it was much later.

I talked to Greg briefly when I arrived in Ottawa, and he said Elliot was pretty bored. He was so excited to get here and it sounds like the wait at the airport was hard (seven hours for anyone would be hard, let alone a four-year-old).

I hope their flight has gone okay. It’ll be nice to see them and have the family together under one roof.

More Winterlude adventures to come.