114 days to go: training alone

Another ride today, about 50 minutes. Still not a lot of distance happening. This morning’s ride was supposed to be longer but it took me longer to get ready than I thought it would. That was probably due to the amount of layers I put on. I was the perfect temperature, with the exception of cold hands. But they were only cold for about 15 minutes of the ride. When I get back from Ottawa I’m going to sketch out a training plan for myself, with some help from the Internet. I’ll google “training for 90 km ride in the shortest time possible”. I’ll also google “but me the best bike in my price range without me having to do the research”.

Am I lazy?? I guess so. Although I did sign up for the race. That’s not lazy.

I was thinking about the whole “training” thing when I was swimming the other night. For most of my fitness endeavours, I have trained by myself or with one or two close friends. The only exception was for my first half marathon, and it’s a damn good thing I did that because I almost died. I would have died had I not trained with the Running Room.

I know I could perform a lot better if I actually got some help. Same with triathlon training. I think there are two main reasons I avoid structured training groups. One, I like to exercise alone (or mostly alone). Second, I just don’t care that much. Sure, I want to finish this Tour de Victoria in one piece and be able to walk the next day (or maybe two days later), but I’m not driven to be at the front. I was when I was 16, but not at 39. And I’m actually proud of myself for what I do on my own.

So the plan is that I’ll get one more ride in on Friday and then it’ll be cross-training for a few days. On skates, on the Rideau Canal. Now THAT’S a workout.

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