mission accomplished

This morning I got up early, donned my long underwear, fleece, toque and mitts, acted like a good Canadian and stopped for a tea and breakfast sandwich at Tim Horton’s, and headed out on a mission. To register Elliot in kindergarten.

I had no idea what to expect. I’ve heard of people lining up in the wee hours of the morning to get into the elementary school of their choice. This goes against every grain of my being. We have one elementary school that is near us. The idea of having to WAIT IN LINE to register my son in the only PUBLIC school close to us just seems ludicrous. And had it not been for me requiring after school care for him, I would have taken a much more relaxed approach, stopped off at the school at a reasonable hour and then continued on to work.

But I really want to get him in the care facility that is physically in the school, and I was told that the registration for it started today as well. So there I was, ready to wait in line in the cold. I actually didn’t arrive that early…it was about 7:30. I drove into the parking lot and there were all of four cars there. And no one waiting outside. No lawn chairs set up, no blankets out. No people. I think I was expecting a concert ticket line up.

I debated what to do (sit in the car or leave and return at 8:00) when I realized I may as well check if the school was open. It was. And they’d set up a long line of chairs for parents to sit (in order) to register. And there was one person in line. One. I sat down beside him and we laughed at how keen we were.

Everything proceeded very smoothly and Elliot is #2 in the list for the French Immersion program (and #1 does not live in the catchment area) and he’s #1 on the list for after school care. The manager pretty much guaranteed that he’d get in.

So I may be a keener, but I got the job done (and stayed very warm in the process). And I was surprised how good I felt getting it done. I think it was weighing on me a bit.