117 days to go: baby steps

I got out again today, for an hour. Once again there was a break in the middle (I think I’m a slacker at heart). But it was for a good cause — watching the last period of my goddaughter’s hockey game. I’m not going to say how far I went because it’s embarrassing. Especially when I read some of the tweets today. “Just did 107km of the 140km Tour de Victoria course.” “Was out for three hours today…” Yeah, whatever. I bet they weren’t riding a mountain bike with knobby tires! Speaking of which…a note to (some of) you roadies. Just because I’m on a mountain bike doesn’t me you can’t still at least acknowledge my existence. Believe it or not I’m training for the same ride you are.

Anyway…it was a COLD ride, made colder by my 30 minute stint sitting in a hockey arena. By the time I got home I couldn’t feel the bottom of my feet or my thumbs. But it was still a good ride. There was hardly any traffic, and the sun was out. I may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of riding 90 km, but I don’t regret signing up and I’m enjoying getting out there.

This week is going to be busy as we prepare to go away, but I’ll try to get one more ride in before we leave. Then it’ll be heads down when we get back.

Now it’s back to my glass of wine and the company of my partner in crime.