124 days to go: rain or shine

I got out this morning for a 30 minute ride, in the pouring rain. I discovered that the tights I use to run in are awesome for riding in the rain — my legs were warm and toasty. So were my feet, thanks to the neoprene booties that Greg lent me. My upper half was a bit chilly, but I wasn’t out long enough for it to bug me too much.

I winced every time I sat in my seat, but that should go away soon. There were a couple of good hills on the ride, and I tried to push myself a bit. I probably could have gone out for longer, but I’ll just keep increasing slowly.

As for a route, I rode directly to the Goose and turned around just before the Douglas overpass. I love having the Goose to ride on, as I’ve never been 100% comfortable in traffic. One day I’ll figure out how to use my phone so I can actually track my distance.

This week I’m swimming tomorrow night and I’ll plan for two rides.

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