next up: tour de victoria

From a fitness perspective, I do better when I have a goal. Not the “I’m going to run three times a week” type of goal, but the “I’m going to do something that kind of freaks the shit out of me” type of goal. Ok, it’s only a bike race, and not even a race at that, but seeing as it’s a good three times longer than anything I’ve ever ridden, it does kind of freak me out. Plus it’ll be with hundreds of other riders. That in itself freaks me out.

I signed up for the Tour De Victoria today. It’s a 140km or 90km ride (I chose the latter) on Ryder Hesjedal’s “favourite roads that he uses to train for the Tour de France.”

There are several reasons why I did this. One, when I read about it, it got me excited about getting fit again. Something that hasn’t happened since my first couple of years of doing triathlons.

Second, I’ve been wanting to buy a road bike for years, but there’s not really a point unless I’m going to actually use it. This will make me use it.

Third, it’s something Greg and I can (sort of) do together. He signed up as well, and although we won’t be able to train much together, we will be training for the same goal, and we’ll be able to do the actual ride together.

Fourth (and not the least important), I’m hoping training for this ride results in me being able to once again eat what I want without having to think about it. Lately with my couch potatoness I’ve been experiencing some guilt (and other obvious side effects) over what I eat post dinner.

And as an added bonus it’ll give me some blogging material.

So…now I need to buy a bike, build up some callouses on my butt, and start getting my cycling legs and lungs. Also I should probably figure out how to pronounce Ryder Hesjedal’s last name properly.

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