some spontaneity would be nice

I haven’t lived in the same city as any of my family members since I was 17 years old. Part of that is my own doing — I left my “hometown” to go to university and I never went back. But even if I’d stayed, it’d just be my mum there. My three siblings all live elsewhere now, and so does my dad. I love living in Victoria and it definitely feels like home to me, but there are times when I envy my friends who have weekly dinners with their parents, or who can just drop by and visit a sibling on a whim. To visit any of my siblings requires a lot of planning, a lot of money, and usually some vacation time from work.

Tonight as I was making dinner I realized there was going to be a lot extra, and thought how nice it would be if I could just call up my sister and have her, her husband and my nephew come over and join us for dinner. I actually did call her to tell her that, and her response was that they definitely would have come, as they had had frozen calamari and raw veggies for dinner. I can tell you with certainty that my dinner was far superior. We proceeded to have a very pleasant 30 minute conversation, which was great, but it obviously wasn’t the same as seeing her.

My mum is planning on moving over here at some point, so some of my need will be fulfilled, but I doubt any of my siblings will ever live here, and I don’t plan on living anywhere else any time soon. So this is something that I’m just going to have to live with. And the up side of it is when I do visit my siblings, my sister especially, it’s for an extended period of time, in a city that is nice to visit, and we really get a chance to reconnect. But it would be nice to not have to plan everything in advance.