I had a post in the making about friendships, and when I started reviewing it I realized it needed some polish, and it’s 11:30 pm. Not the time to polish. I’ll save it for when I have a bit more time and when I’m thinking more clearly.

Instead, I’ll write about what is worrying me right now, in the hopes that I can empty my mind of stress and go straight to sleep.

– Making a decision on a bathroom reno. We’ve sort of been in flux for a while and I’d like to just go forward with getting it done.
– Why the heck Amy gets up so much at night, whether we should try to do anything about it, and when will it end.
– When am I going to find the time to go through our 2010 pictures so I can start making calendars for Christmas.
– My weight. Yes, I know this may sound crazy, but even people who don’t have a weight problem worry about their weight.
– Leaving Heart alone next week for long periods of time — it’ll be her first week without one of us being at home.

And the big one:
– Wondering what our mandatory 8:30 am staff meeting is about on Tuesday. We’ve never had one that early in the morning, and we’ve never had a mandatory one. It can’t be good news.

Not sure that helped at all. But perhaps I’m tired enough to go straight to sleep anyway. And I’ll cross my fingers that Amy sleeps through the night. Fat chance.