I’m feeling under the weather with a nondescript bug — general lethargy, a bit of nausea and a bit of a headache. I started feeling crappy yesterday morning and I’ve gone up and down over the past couple of days. I had the kids on my own today and we had a better day than I expected given how I’m feeling. It was helped by a nap this afternoon while Amy did the same and Elliot watched TV. Napping on the couch while he’s watching TV isn’t the best nap in the world because he often chats with me, but it’s better than nothing.

I don’t like being sick like this — I’d rather just have a full-on cold where there’s no question about whether I’m fit to go to work or fit to take care of the kids. I just head to bed and forget about everything else. (Although it IS better than I full-on stomach bug. I never wish for those.)

Greg and I got the kids to bed a bit early and decided to sit down and watch Survivor on the electronic box that sits in the corner of our living room, for once, instead of downloading it. Turns out it’s a recap episode. Blech. But since the kids, between the two of them, yelled for us about 76 times, it probably was for the best.

They are quiet now, and I think I’ll head to be early. Hopefully I can sleep this thing off.