i got my snow day

I had a 9:00 meeting this morning in a room without windows. As I was walking to the meeting it started to snow. 60 minutes later I walked out of the meeting room and saw a winter wonderland.

I walked back to my office in my west coast-issued high heels and fall jacket and got all set up to start working. Then Greg called — worried about how I was going to get home. I had driven our truck in, which is terrible in snow, and he had the CRV, which is awesome in snow. After some discussion we decided that I’d drive up to his office, work there, and we’d drive home together in the CRV, leaving the truck at his office (much better than leaving it in a parking lot downtown).

We got a call from the kids’ daycare asking us if we’d pick the kids up early so they could send their staff home before it got dark. No problem. Then we offered to pick up a friend’s son from his downtown school as they would have had to come in from Thetis Lake. So we ended up leaving work at 2:00, prepared for a bit of a trek home. It turned out to be no problem — as I said the CRV is good in the snow, and we didn’t come across any idiots. Well maybe one, but he was well ahead of us.

So. I was home by 2:45, the kids were home just after 3, and Elliot and I spent the next 90 minutes outside. I shoveled the driveway while he played in the backyard, then he hopped on the neighbour’s slide and I pulled him down to the boat park with our neighbours. Along the way we slid down a small hill together. On the way back, as we were walking up the same hill, he told me that had been his favourite part of the day, sledding down the hill with me. I asked him if he wanted to go find a good hill to toboggan on, and he was game. We headed over to the middle school and found a perfect Elliot-sized hill. Steep enough to get some speed, small enough to not get too much, and no obstructions. After two or three slides, he told me this was also a favourite part of his day.

I loved seeing how much fun he was having. And not only did he slide down on his own, he insisted on walking back up the hill, pulling the sled by himself. I actually got cold because I was doing no work, so I started running up and down the hill beside him. We headed home after about 30 minutes and I pulled him along in the sled on the road — the road was super-slick and great for running with a sled behind you. Again, he was having a great time. And so was I. My work day was cut short and I’m going to have to make up the hours at some point, but it was so worth it.